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My name is Ghosty/Ghostie.
I have three different settings when it comes to fandoms, shipping, fanfiction, events etc: dislike, neutral and OH MY FREAKING GOSH CAPSLOCK ABOUT IT 90000 TIMES IN FIVE MINUTES.
Here on Tumblr, you usually get hit in the face with that last setting. I have too many characters to love and too many headcanons to attend to. I write fanfiction to get my biased feels out in the open, and prompts are always open to anybody and everybody <3

My greatest loves are Animorphs and Doctor Who, but other fandoms do crop up quite often. Take a look at the tags page above this to see my slightly strange tagging system.
Hugs and rants and fandom chats are my bread and water.
(Female pronouns for me, thanks <3)

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i was just about to make a post like “how did this entire website convince themselves that ten’s line in doomsday is ‘rose tyler, i—’ and not just ‘rose tyler—’” but then i remembered this is tumblr.com

this has been bamboozling me for almost 4 years, seriously

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justanotherghostwriter replied to your post “And can I just say that I look really fucking cute right now? That…”

PSA: You look cute all the time. I know this because I know things.

You continue to be the best person in the world. <3

potentialofdesire said: Ghostie is very right, of course, but that’s the very least this person missed out on. Its their loss.

WHAT potentialofdesire SAID! (Hi!) You are wonderful, and I am mad that you were dropped because I would give anything to be able to hang out with you. yeah, I Love Being Alone More Than I Love Chocolate me.

People are silly creatures, I swear. And we need to have a Very Distant Family reunion someday. Yes, we must.



Let’s call this an experiment.

I got bored as I surfed through The Flash tags so I started keeping a list of all the shit people have already decided (read: largely made up) about Iris West and the Barry/Iris relationship as an excuse not to invest in or support them (usually in favor of the nonexistent romance between Barry and Caitlin Snow). I figured that someday we can look back see when the nonsensical memes with no basis in canon or rationality got started.

Some housekeeping:

Every last one of these posts has been posted to the tags. I have not gone looking for them specifically on any ship tumblrs or anyone’s personal tumblr, etc. or else this would be far longer and more infuriating, I’m sure. They have been posted directly to one or more of The Flash related tags that I follow (usually the general The Flash tag, the Iris West tag, or one of the various Iris/Barry tags, in some rare instances in the Caitlin Snow tag). I only note a Caitlin comparison when an original post did (you’ll see that this is most of the time). This is not a comprehensive list. It will never be a comprehensive list. I am an adult human with a job and a life to live. It is literally just what I’ve seen surfing the tags regularly.

It should be noted that there are numerous (NUMEROUS) statements regarding how Caitlin/Barry is identical to Oliver/Felicity and this motivates the poster to aggressively ship them. I do not include any of these as they do not generally reference Iris at all (though when they do it is to present her as the equivalent of Laurel Lance, which is considered pejorative). However, I am noting it here because of the implications of that omission and because the following facts seem relevant to this endeavor:

a) the only things the characters of Felicity Smoak and Caitlin Snow have in common are that they are part of the superhero support team and they are white women,

b) the relationships between Oliver/Felicity and Caitlin/Barry have no significant commonalities at all, and

c) the characters of Iris West and Felicity Smoak are far more similar in terms of personality and demeanor, and this has been stated to be an intentional reflection of Barry’s longstanding preference for Iris influencing his attraction to Felicity.

After Episode 1x02: The Fastest Man Alive

  • Caitlin’s character is more interesting than Iris. No reasons given. Shipping Caitlin/Barry presented as a consequence of this.
  • There is more of a “romantic spark” between Barry and Caitlin because they can bond over their “lost loves.”
  • Iris does not/cannot fundamentally understand Barry, the loss of his mother and father, and how it felt for him that “no one” believed him about his father not killing his mother. Caitlin can/will.
    • Note: This ignores that it has been stated that Iris is the one person who did believe Barry about his father not having murdered his mother.
  • Iris will love The Flash and not Barry Allen. Caitlin will, conversely, love the real Barry Allen.
  • Barry has more chemistry with Caitlin than Iris. Presented as objectively factual.
  • They have no investment in Iris West and, in fact, she is annoying. No reasons given. Shipping Caitlin/Barry presented as a consequence of this.
  • Iris and Barry have nothing in common, whereas Caitlin and Barry have many common interests and are on the same “wavelength” and as such would be a “power couple.”
  • Caitlin is a “more solid female character” than Iris. No reason given.
  • Barry leaving Jitters where he was hanging out with Iris in response to Caitlin calling and giving him the impression that Multiplex is at Star Labs is implicitly an indication of how much he values Caitlin over Iris and the opportunity to discuss his mother’s death with Iris.
  • Iris dating Eddie is too predictable and sometimes she seems too clueless, but other times very savvy. Implicitly is the weakest character because of this.
  • Desire stated for a scene in which Caitlin and Barry are solving a problem while speaking in scientific terms. Iris is present, both “clueless” about their conversation and jealous of Caitlin.
    • Note: This isn’t directly mischaracterizing Iris or her relationship with Barry, but I felt that outright wishing humiliation on her in service of Caitlin/Barry should be noted.
  • Preference for loving Iris/Barry stated, but it is incestuous. Shipping Caitlin/Barry is presented as a consequence of this.
  • Iris has “friendzoned” Barry and as such is not acceptable as a love interest.
  • Iris/Barry is “too obvious.” Shipping Caitlin/Barry is presented as a consequence of this.
  • Immediately upon seeing Caitlin and Barry together they were the obvious “endgame” and it is inexplicable why anyone would think that Iris/Barry should be such.
  • Caitlin and Barry will become extremely close friends and he will confide in her like he never has with anyone, specifically Iris. Barry and Caitlin are changing each other and will continue to do so as Barry “leaves behind” the life he already has, and implicitly Iris.
    • Note: This is less any sort of meta analysis or explication than a baseless fabrication, fanfic style, but it was presented as character/relationship analysis, so I’ve listed it.
  • Barry/Iris is vanilla whilst Caitlin/Barry is interesting. No reasons given.
  • Iris is “basic” and “just a love interest” which is why people connect with Caitlin more. Caitlin/Barry implied to be a consequence of this.
  • Barry/Caitlin is “more compelling” because Iris sees Barry as a friend.

Consistent themes: Iris is boring/vanilla/uninteresting vs the deeply fascinating Caitlin; despite knowing Barry since childhood and being his best friend in the world her affection for him, her commonalities with him, and her knowledge of him will inevitably pale in comparison to Caitlin’s; Iris and Caitlin are considered inherently to be in direct competition such that preferring Caitlin to Iris as a character necessitates shipping Caitlin with Iris’s love interest despite a Caitlin/Barry romantic storyline not currently even existing at all.


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reading through old posts and i totally agree with you - even though there are some really epic brotps of the animorphs fandom, justanotherghostwriter and derinthemadscientist are my favourite.
justanotherghostwriter justanotherghostwriter Said:


It says something about me that I don’t remeber saying that at all but I totally agree with it.

The tumblr fandom’s OTP is, of course, Tyrianterror and Bunnypunker.


I think a new running gag for Animorphs fic should be Jake getting shot in the head (and surviving, obvs) because it practically is one in the series anyways


unimportant fanfic written for own amusement:


important essay due tomorrow:


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whatchuknowbouts said: Does your university have a tech center where they’ll look at it and tell you waht’s wrong? Also, if it’s under a year old, chekc about a warranty.

Unfortunately no warranty - it was a demo that I got at a reduced price. There is a student centre, but they charge to your student account and my mom will be very unimpressed :P

I’m hoping letting it rest for a day tomorrow will sort it out. No huge deal - I’m just whiny ;) 


So I fount the Whumpers: A User’s Manual today, and I thought I’d add to its humour by constructing a quick little FAQ. Nothing as cute and funny; meant purely as procrastination and so I can send people a link next time I need to explain any of this.

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